Customized fertility benefits for the modern company.

Carrot offers an enterprise global solution for fertility and family building benefits. We make it simple for organizations to provide a personalized, inclusive, white-glove experience for their employees, covering everything from IVF to adoption in the US and over 40 countries around the world.

Carrot offers a simple, all-inclusive annual fee for Carrot’s services. The service fee is based on the size of the eligible population, domestic vs. global coverage, and other inputs such as onsite events & other communication requirements. The range of cost for the Carrot platform is quite wide depending on the size of the organization.

Employer Setup Process

Implementation of the Carrot platform is extremely simple, with Carrot taking on all the work to get up and running. Carrot can be launched at any time during the year (e.g. off-cycle or on-cycle with the plan year). The only requirements needed on the part of the employer is confirming the desired program design, approving communications content, and sending an extremely lightweight eligibility file on an ongoing basis. To learn more, visit our website.