Decrease Stress And Increase Productivity At Home And At Work.

Striving to help teams reassess, redevelop, redefine and reach potentials through a variety of workshops leveraging modalities that are proven to decrease stress and increase productivity at home and at work.

In early 2018, I was officially diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, not to mention all of the other feels that go along with the two. I am a Stress Management Maven and _________ Strategist. You can fill in the blank and I will help you get there. In addition to stress management, I specialize in:

– Stress level assessments
– Trauma identification and resources
– Women in the workplace-specific initiatives, to include empowerment and confidence-building all at an individual, group, and organization level.

Employer Setup Process

Employers will have a dedicated point of contact to develop a package, establish timelines, and market. Contact me for further details.

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