Thriving at home so you can thrive at work

Bundle is a tech-enabled platform that provides premium flexible child care as an employee benefit for working parents. Bundle as a benefit reduces absenteeism, attracts talent, and increases retention and engagement. Our mission is to transform the future of child care and the future of the workplace, increasing diversity and making companies and people more productive.

There is not a one size fits all situation for working parents when it comes to care and therefore, not a one size fits all solution. Whether requested day of, 24 hours or a week in advance, we send pre-vetted, high-quality caregivers to parents’ homes to serve their range of care needs.

Employer Setup Process

Our on-boarding team is here to discuss your needs and design a customized plan that works specifically for you. They then can guide you through our seamless setup process and help launch the service to your employees.

Please contact Bundle via our website.