Improving employee happiness & loyalty nationwide.

BCM provides on-site corporate chair massage services at workplaces and events, typically on a regularly scheduled basis and are often hired for large conferences and trade shows to provide chair massages for the attendees.

BCM’s clients represent state, national and Fortune 500 organizations who bring the benefits of chair massage to their employees, customers, clients, and special event attendees. BCM has extensive experience running large chair massage events with 10+ therapists working simultaneously. BCM’s team shares with its clients a strong commitment to bringing relaxation and better health to employees, customers, clients, and special event attendees.

Our rate structure varies depending on the size, frequency & length of massages for each event/client. Typically the employer sponsors the event, but we have some instances where the employees pay a portion of the service and the employer pays a portion. An example of an event for 100 people to receive a 15-minute massage: we would need 25 hours and would have 5 massage therapists working for 5 hours each and the total would be $2,500.

Employer Setup Process

We just need a date, time frame, and a space to work in. We handle everything else, including providing an online scheduling system. To learn more, visit our website.