Innovative specialty employee benefits

Designed to fill gaps in primary coverage, ArmadaCare’s solutions provide tax-efficiency and the ability to offer targeted coverage to select employee classes as defined by the employer.

In addition to offering reimbursement for various types of out-of-pocket medical expenses, ArmadaCare’s products include additional health support services (including travel support and specialty care guidance) and convenience features, all of which are delivered with ArmadaCare’s hallmark world-class service.

Employer Setup Process

The first step is getting a pricing proposal since our supplemental plans are dynamically underwritten based on primary plans and census. Then, we’ll walk them through the implementation and enrollment process. We offer a lot of ways for enrolled employees to learn about their benefits: materials mailed to their homes, onboarding emails, live webinars, videos, online member portal, online education center, and more.

We also continually educate members and admins about the benefits. We want members to know about and use their ArmadaCare benefits.

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