Mobile Invisalign & Whitening Office

AliGo Mobile is a mobile orthodontic office specializing in Invisalign treatment and tooth whitening services. We partner with local businesses and office parks to provide comprehensive on-site Invisalign care, as well as $99 tooth whitening appointments, making it quick and convenient for employees to access high-quality orthodontic care. AliGo Mobile helps companies deliver an important employee benefit and saves employees time and money while helping them look their best!

AliGo Mobile is in-network with most major dental insurance companies, allowing employees to take advantage of existing orthodontic benefits on their dental plan. We offer two Invisalign treatment options. For those looking to address esthetics only (crowding, spacing, crooked teeth), the “Fix My Smile” option is $3490 before taking advantage of any orthodontic insurance benefit. For comprehensive cases that require both bite fixing and alignment issues, the “Fix It All” option is $5990 before taking advantage of any orthodontic insurance benefit.

Employer Setup Process

To Bring AliGo Mobile to your Company, the first step is to schedule a phone call with an AliGo Mobile team member at 1-844-99ALIGN. We can answer any questions you have about our services & how we work, and then the next step is to pick a date to bring us on-site. There is no cost to your company to bring us in, and we schedule our follow up visits in 6-week intervals. Prior to our first scheduled visit, we will provide an informational flyer that we ask you to distribute to your employees to help spread the word about our upcoming visit. Employees can sign up for 15-minute complimentary Invisalign consultations and $99 Whitening visits directly from our website. We find the greatest success when employees are sent reminder e-mails about our upcoming visits with the link to sign up. Finally, our office will verify insurance benefits for all employees before their scheduled visit.

To learn more, visit our website.