Give your employees a raise, for free, with Alice.

ALICE automates prespending money. Employees keep more of the money they earn. Employers lower their payroll taxes. no forms, no math, no acronyms – With Alice, employees connect the debit and credit cards that are already in their wallets. Alice looks for pretax-eligible purchases so employees save on everyday expenses like glasses and contacts, Commuter Cards, and many more. Employers can connect Alice to their payroll in less than 15 minutes and employees start saving right away. Employees using Alice add on average ​$583.06​ to their paychecks—that’s a free $0.25/hour raise! Plus, Alice provides substantial payroll tax reduction for employers – no upfront cost, no service fees.

Alice Has no upfront or Hidden Costs. $ out-of-pocket, $0 Per-employee-Per-Month fees, $0 set-up fees, $0 maintenance fees, $0 breakage fees. Alice only makes money when your company saves on your payroll taxes. As a result, Alice works for all W2 employees, not just full-time workers.

Employer Setup Process

Alice requires a 15-minute implementation process with any major Payroll system (ADP, Ceridian, Gusto, etc.). Once Alice is launched at your company, employees are up-and-running with Alice in 5 minutes. HR leaders have onboarded their company from their iPhone in 12 minutes. Alice handles employee enrollment, communication for open enrollment, and payroll updates at no additional cost. To learn more, visit our website.