We help companies coordinate custom catered menus and events.

We help companies that provide team meals on a regular basis (monthly/weekly/daily) by coordinating custom catered menus and events from a large network of restaurants.

Work with our food strategists to create your own, completely customizable food plans. We’ll source everything you need to fuel your team, without compromising quality. We aim to be a corporate culture consultancy for any company trying to build a fun and engaging office experience.

We price everything on a per person flat rate, per month. We pre-bill for all planned meals based on total headcount at the agreed upon per person rate.

Employer Setup Process

We meet with all new customers face to face to review and build proposed menus for a 1 month pilot program. Once the customer agrees on a set of menus for that upcoming month, they sign a short 1 page agreement that details the price, headcount, delivery time, etc. They are then assigned to a full time account manager that becomes their point person for anything they may need for the duration of service.

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