A 21st-Century Employee Healthcare and Benefits Experience.

Accolade is a personalized health and benefits solution that dramatically improves the experience, outcomes and cost of healthcare for employers, health plans and their members. With a unique blend of compassionate advisors, clinical experts and intelligent technologies, we engage individuals and families in their health, establish trust, and influence their decisions at every stage of care.

Connecting the widest array of personal health data and programs, Accolade presents a single point of contact to the most effective health and benefits resources, while coordinating with providers at every step. Accolade consistently achieves 70 and higher Net Promoter Scores, 98% consumer satisfaction ratings, and up to 15% employer cost savings.

Employer Setup Process

Our market development team will schedule time to speak with employer and identify the appropriate course of action. We have a team that will collaborate with the employer and walk them through sales and implementation process, (jumping forward) once implemented, employer will be assigned a customer partner who will work closely with the employer.

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