Teaching people how to detect cancer early.

15-40 Connection is a nonprofit organization saving lives by teaching people how to detect cancer early. Its 3 Steps Detect education harnesses the power of early detection by teaching people how to recognize early warning signs of cancer and collaborate with doctors to accelerate the time to diagnosis and receive more effective treatment. It has led to the early detection of cancer as well as many other illness. It is well established that early detection greatly improves cancer survival rates and quality of life. Early detection also reduces the cost of treatment ultimately absorbed by individuals, insurers, corporations and health care systems.

Employer Setup Process

Call 508-869-5200 or Email info@15-40.org and express an interest in bringing 3 Steps Detect education to their location(s). As the date for a scheduled program approaches, promote the program and encourage employees to participate. Make 3 Steps Detect a part of any Wellness Program the company may already have or has plans to implement. Provide periodic reminders of the 3 Steps, encouraging employees to use the knowledge gained. (15-40 Connection can provide materials to reinforce the message –such as posters, rack and/or wallet cards.) Offer repeat sessions (or webinars or eLearning) as a “refresher” or for new employees.

Please contact 15-40 Connection via our website to get a personalized quote and implementation proposal.