PERKS Preferred

Our most highly vetted PERKS FOR YOU TO DISCOVER

Preferred has hit the scene.

These providers have been vouched for by partners of the PERKS community

They're active in the PERKS community

They've exhibited with us within the last two years, have shared client and broker testimonials with us, and follow our mission (direct benefit to employeee, non-traditional perk, affordable)

They're business is established

The business has been established for at least 2+ years OR attended a PERKS training within the last 6 months AND have at least 10 total clients on their books

They're engaged and committed

Relationships with PERKS staff and fellow vendors is strong, have good client relationships, they've given us the names of 3+ active clients, and submitted a $395 annual fee

The benefits of being Preferred.
Our PERKS Preferred providers receive guarranteed access and discounts to our PERKS showcases. They are also branded as 'Preferred' across the PERKS platforms and highlighted for their vetted status. All vendors are eligible to receive Preferred status (application & approval required) if they fit our criteria, pay $395 for one year, and provide the additional information that is helpful to our employer community.
Meet our 2020 Preferred PERKS