Perks in 2019: 5 Trends of Note, Part 2

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We’re here to talk about the final two major perks trends of 2019: financial goal support and mental health development. In our previous article, we discussed Family & Mom perks, Telehealth & Access perks, and On-Demand Development perks. Today, we’re going to be talking about services that range from financial wellness support like LearnLux, a perk that gives employees the tools they need to make confident decisions about their financial future, to ones like Oji Life Lab, a perk that helps train employees in soft skills. Read on to find out more!


Financial Goal Support

What do they do?

    • Provide financial education on-demand.
    • Develop individualized plans for different financial goals.
    • Provide access to a network of supporting products.

What are some leading perks in this area?

    • FutureFuel.io, a platform that helps employees crush their student debt.
    • LearnLux, a financial education and wellness platform.
    • Edukate, a personalized financial wellness service.
    • Gradifi, a platform that helps employees shed the burden and the stress of student debt faster than ever.


Mental Health & Personal Development

Mental health callout

What do they do?

  • Help employees develop new mental skills.
  • Provide mental health support & counseling.
  • Deliver personal development programs for everyone ranging from couples, teams, and executives.


What are some leading perks in this area?

    • Oji Life Lab, a digital learning system that helps individuals and teams thrive, gaining essential emotional and soft skills for work and life.
    • LevelHead, a mindfulness-based digital program helps employees at all levels develop the skills necessary to achieve optimal performance

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