Perks in 2019: 5 Trends of Note, Part 1

Mom holding her precious baby2019 is proving to be a big year for perks, so we’re here to discuss five major trends that will define the employee benefits space for the year to come. Far from free lunches or unlimited time off, perks are now coming in all shapes and sizes—and, as a result, are increasingly capable of touching many areas of an employee’s life. For example: companies like Progyny, a perk that aims to expand access to fertility solutions, meQuilibrium, a platform that provides resilience training to help individuals overcome stress, and Go Coach, a service that helps connect employees with dedicated professional career coaches. Overall, perks are only getting more diverse, accessible, and innovative. And that’s a huge win for employees and employers. So, without further adieu, here are the first three of five major trends that are shaping what perks look like in 2019. Look out for the other two trends in our next blog post!

Family & Mom Perks

What do they do?

    • Support moms during pregnancy.
    • Help moms return to work after maternity leave.
    • Support women’s health in general.


What are some leading perks in this area?WSJ fertility perks callout

    • Wildflower Health, a platform that manages the health needs of moms, dads, kids and aging parents on one shared application.
    • Ovia, a perk that provides fertility solutions.
    • Cleo, a family support system that helps families navigate their journey from fertility to pregnancy to parenting.
    • Acelleron, a service that provides medical products such as breast pumps.
    • Progyny, a fertility access solution.


Telehealth & Access

What do they do?

    • Provide services that support access to existing insurance and plans.
    • Deliver technology supported solutions (individual or aggregate options).


What are some leading perks in this area?

    • MedPut, a perk that provides interest-free financing options for employees’ out-of-pocket medical expenses.
    • One Medical, a service that helps connect employees with the best primary care doctors in their area.
    • 98.6, a perk that connects patients with doctors via a virtual medical clinic.

On-Demand Development

Gallup career development callout
What do they do?

    • Help employees develop a variety of career-focused skills & abilities.
    • Career coaching.
    • Provide team development initiatives and manager support.


What are some leading perks in this area?

    • AceUp, a platform that delivers personalized career coaching services.
    • ThinkHuman, a professional training and management agency.
    • LifeLabs, a company that provides ‘practice labs’ for life’s most useful skills.
    • GoCoach, professional career coach connection service.
    • meQuilibrium, a platform that delivers science-based resilience training.

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