NYC 2020 Exhibitor Guide

We’re thrilled you’ll be exhibiting with us at PERKS NYC 2020. If you’re a returning exhibitor, this guide takes the place of a PDF you may have received in the past. If you’re new to us or want to know what this is all about, everything you need to know is located below. Please SAVE this web page for future reference and distribution!!

If you haven’t already, please WHITE LIST emails from info@perkscon.com and members of the PERKS team you have been communicating with. We don’t want you to miss any information!

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Table of Contents



Key Times & Dates

    • Set-Up/Load In, Tuesday, September 1, 2020:
      The day before between 2:00PM – 6:00PM local time
    • SHOW HOURS, Wednesday, September 2, 2020:
      Expo hours are open from 8:30 AM – 4pm on show day
    • Break-Down/Load Out, Wednesday, September 2, 2020:
      On show day between 4:00pm – 8:00pm



Booth Set Up & Materials

Your booth package includes:

    • (1) Confirmed: booth sizes will be 8’x8′ in this city for booth set up with pipe and drape and carpet
    • (1) 6’x2′ table
    • (2) Chairs
    • (1) 120V Power Plug, access to 1 outlet
    • (1) Trash bin
    • (1) Bizzabo Lead Booster license

PLEASE NOTE: Tablecloths are NOT included at any venue.

A few additional things to know….

    • You are not permitted to set up signage that blocks walkways, visibility to a neighboring booth, or emergency exits.
    • PERKS reserves the right to request changes or movement of your stationed materials if we believe it is not in line with the show aesthetic or safety parameters.
    • All signage, furniture and branded materials must be set up within your designated 8’x8′ booth.
    • Booths are assigned based on ‘show flow’ at the discretion of the show designers.
    • If you need information about your specific booth (walls, etc.) prior to the show, please contact the PERKS team.
    • Requests to change locations will not be granted. There are no ‘bad’ booth locations!


Your Exhibitor Portal for Additional Ordering – Furniture, A/V, Rigging, etc. 

Freeman is our booth contractor for PERKS NYC 2020. To order additional furniture, specialty A/V including monitors, hard walls (not all exhibitors receive pipe and drape, these are for additional design needs), etc., please consult the documents below:

  1. Freeman Quick Facts
  2. Freeman Online Ordering – Click here!


For specialty power or rigging in addition to your standard booth set up. Please contact the Metropolitan Pavilion directly

Maggie Hinton
Event Coordinator
Metropolitan Pavilion + Metropolitan West
Phone: 212-463-0200 x 230

Food Samples & Giveaways

Food samples are a great draw to your booth at PERKS Conventions!  Food samples are permitted as giveaways at PERKS NYC but must meet the following stipulations:

    • Beverages must be served in 3oz containers (or less).
    • Food/snack samples must be served in 3oz containers (or less).
    • No hot or prepared food may be distributed (excluding exclusive

All food served is at the discretion and liability of the individual exhibitor. You are responsible for any and all additional permits or licenses required for your business to serve these products safely. If you have any questions or concerns about an edible giveaway, please get in touch ASAP.


Pre-Shipping & Load In

Load-in starts the day before show date (September 1st)
2pm – 6pm
Loading dock can be accessed via W 19th Street (between 6th and 7th avenues) at the rear of the venue

PERKS HIGHLY RECOMMENDS setting up your booth the day prior to the show date between 2 pm – 6 pm. You MUST  be completely set up by 8 am the DAY OF THE SHOW if you need to make final changes on show day.

Pre Shipping to the venue

    • Pre-shipped items may be delivered for arrival ONLY on SET UP DAY  (the day prior to the convention) at NO additional COST to you.
    • With additional fees, you may schedule advance pre-shipments to arrive prior to September 1st with explicit agreement by The Metropolitan Pavilion prior to September 1st. You as an exhibitor is liable for this additional cost directly. Please fill out this Shipping Storage Order Form for advance pre-shipping prior to September 1st and work directly with The Metropolitan contact  Maggie Hinton at maggie@metropolitanevents.com or at 212-463-0200 x 230 to arrange for permission and payment.
    • If you do not arrange for pre-shipping directly AND your packages arrive prior to September 1st, PERKS will bill you for these fees.
    • PERKS is not responsible for lost packages, additional fees or if the venue rejects your packages for any reason.
    • Pre-shipped items may be addressed as follows:


Metropolitan Pavilion
ATTN: PERKS Convention 2020 | Alexa Baggio
125 West 18th St
New York NY 10011


    • Obtain and bring return labels for shipping out at the close of the show! Printers are not available on site.
    • Preschedule for return shipping pick ups, and all items can be left in the designated loading dock area at the close of the show for return shipping (more below)
    • Don’t forget supplies! Pack or ship all tools needed including but not limited to tape, scissors, wd40, screwdrivers, extension cords, and power strips.


Loading In

    • The Metropolitan Pavilion allows for hand carrying of materials on set up day via the front entrance to bring in your boxes, in addition to the loading dock.
    • If you need to use the loading dock, it is available on a first-come-first-serve basis after 2pm on September 1st and can be accessed via W 19th street at the rear of the building
    • Vendors are not permitted to park in the loading area and must immediately vacate the space after vehicle unloading. This is NYC, there is not a lot of room to go around please only use the loading dock if it is absolutely necessary. 


Load Out & Shipping Out

Load out begins on the afternoon of the show date
4pm – 8pm

    • All exhibitors are responsible for the removal and clean-up of their designated booth space. Exhibitors must remove all items brought into the facility by 8 pm.
    • You are responsible for scheduling necessary freight and/or FedEx/UPS pick up.
    • You are also responsible for bringing pre-printed return labels of your items.
    • Bring your items to the designated drop off area by the loading dock of the Metropolitan Pavilion area.
    • You must load out the same way you loaded in (with the exception of carrier pick ups)



The Metropolitan Pavilion website has directions for getting to the venue as well as available local hotels if needed. PERKS does not offer room blocks nor reimburse for parking.

Please go to this link below to see The Metropolitan’s recommendations:

Plan to book your accomodations early, as New York City can get very expensive at the last minute.



Registering Your Team

    • Tickets for your teams will be assigned 10 days prior to each PERKS Conventions and we will provide you with detailed questions.
    • Please make sure that all team member names, titles and other information are correct.
    • All exhibitors are welcome to have 4 brand employees to man their booth. Additional team tickets must be purchased and no more than 6 total employees are allowed at any given show.
    • Contact the PERKS team directly to obtain more team tickets and to finalize payment. Please do NOT purchase an attendee ticket. We will cancel it.


Exhibitor Badges

    • Exhibitor badges may be picked up at the check-in desk upon arrival.
    • Information from your team tickets will be shown on your badges. Failure to edit your team above will result in incorrect information on your badge on-site. For security reasons, badges must be worn at all times inside the event.
    • Exhibitors are not permitted on the show floor until they have completed the registration process and all outstanding amounts for their booth or associated fees have been paid in full.


Exhibitor Meals

    • The PERKS Convention does not supply lunch, food or beverages for exhibitors during the expo.
    • Exhibitors are welcome to have food delivered to the expo hall or purchase food directly. Please make sure to plan in advance with your team to allow you to have the best day possible and stay fueled and hydrated!
    • We kindly ask that you refrain from eating/drinking any samples provided by other exhibitors for attendees throughout the show.

Lead Capture

PERKS is using a NEW system for 2020 called Bizzabo Lead Booster App for lead capture. PERKS will enable access for you 10 days prior to the show date. The good news, is unlike in year’s past, your team can use all the same credentials! No need to change your email to access and share with your team (phew!). This app is available in the Apple and Google Play app stores. Follow these four steps once you receive your login from us:

Instructions to download

1. Download the Bizzabo Lead Booster App from the Apple or Google Play store onto your mobile or tablet device.

2. Use the email login and credentials provided by PERKS to your primary team contact 10 days prior to the show date. ANY member will be able to directly use these credentials to login on any number of devices directly and will not require further changes to receive access. This means that EVEN if the email address we use to set up your login isn’t going to be there on show day, you can still use those credentials to login no problem and can make any adjustments thereafter once you log in.

3. Test scanning of your barcode to verify lead capture once on-site on setup day.

4. Retrieve your leads after the show. Here are some more instructions.



Part of what makes PERKS great is the ecosystem we create on the expo floor where exhibitors connect and share leads. Invite your clients and prospects using the free golden tickets we’ve provided and be part of this vibrant connection.

These golden tickets are NOT for your team members, they are expressly to help aid you in your sales process and be seen as a resource for your clients and prospects.

Your golden ticket code will be sent to you starting 60 days from PERKS NYC. Need marketing materials to help you promote?

View this exhibitor marketing kit for text blurbs, social materials, logo files and more. Let us know what else you need, we’re happy to help!





As part of the PERKS Convention,  you may be photographed or you may be recorded on video. These items may be used in promoting future conferences or in other marketing related to PERKS. Your attendance at this event implies your consent to be photographed or recorded.

Exhibitors are not guaranteed to be captured in video/photo footage.



While security is provided at all entrances and during set up, security is not provided inside the expo hall. While PERKS will exercise reasonable care in safeguarding property, neither PERKS nor any of its officers, agents, or employees assume any responsibility for such property or carry any insurance for exhibitors’ merchandise or fixtures. Please note, exhibitors are responsible for the security of their exhibition space, personal belongings and merchandise.

Please be advised that the venue may be occupied overnight for cleaning purposes. For this reason, it is strongly advised that exhibitors lock up or remove any small or valuable items such as laptops, mobile phones, and other small portable objects.



Venue/Metropolitan Pavilion Contacts

Maggie Hinton
Metropolitan Pavilion & Metropolitan West
P: 212-463-0200 x230
F: 212-463-7099

PERKS Contacts

For all PERKS Conventions, call AND text before trying a new contact.

Saul Lookner | VP, Business Development
cell: 617-895-9458

Alexa Baggio | CEO
cell: 610-217-2633

Kate Putnam | VP, Operations
cell: 781-799-9078

Kristin Healy | PERKS Event Manager
cell: 978-490-0983