Four Women Changing The Face of HR

Abstract art scanHR is changing. No longer merely a hodgepodge of administrative functions, HR is becoming a strategic imperative for businesses that take their employees seriously. Why? Because nowadays culture is king, and HR leaders are increasingly being transformed into workplace culture architects. This ‘cultural turn’ in HR has been a long time coming, and it’s a change that’s being spearheaded by a new generation of women HR leaders. Given the increased importance of HR for business outcomes, and given that women dominate the profession (72% of HR managers are women, as are 86% of HR generalists), women are more front-and-center than ever in this critically important business function. The women in this article are not only proudly driving HR into the 21st century, they’re passionate leaders who are actively empowering employees globally.

Nicole Roberts

Nicole Roberts portraitNicole is the VP of HR for Brightview, an outpatient addiction treatment centre on the frontlines of the opioid crisis. She’s also the blogger behind HR Without Ego, a no-BS blog focused on topics like the pitfalls of weak leadership and the meaning of one’s legacy. She’s the force behind #JobHuntChat and regularly hosts Twitter chats to deliver helpful advice to job seekers and recruiters everywhere. Follow Nicole on Twitter here.


Alexa Baggio

Alexa Baggio portraitAlexa the co-founder of PERKS, an annual employee experience tradeshow that provides a platform for employers to find innovative, employee-centric services. Alexa has previously held investment banking positions at Merrill Lynch and Axial and is a graduate of Brown University. While at Brown she founded Women in Business, now one of the largest student-run groups on campus today. Alexa is at the forefront of helping companies take their employee experience to the next level and redefining HR’s value proposition. Follow Alexa on Twitter here.


Aubrey Diana Blanche

Aubrey Diana Blanche portraitAs Atlassian’s Global Head of Diversity and Belonging, Aubrey is an expert on all things relating to inclusion in the workplace and she’s not afraid to make her voice heard. She regularly writes about diversity initiatives and recently penned a fascinating report on ‘diversity fatigue’. She blogs on Medium and is active on Twitter, discussing everything from allyship to talent acquisition.



Debbie Ben Zaken Sharvit

Debbie Ben Zaken Sharvit portraitDebbie is the founder of Peoplzz, an open source platform for sharing and discovering great ideas with culture-minded HR leaders. Currently the head of U.S. HR at Monday.com, Debbie founded Peoplzz in order to create a community whose founding principle is encapsulated in a single hashtag: #peopleoverpolicies. Keep an eye on Debbie in 2019 and be sure to follow her Medium to keep on top of her valuable, people-focused insights.