Five Workplace Culture Questions Employees Are Asking Themselves in 2019

By Hagan @ PERKS

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Many who are running benefits, wellness, people operations, human resources and more are running small, lean teams and there’s always a tradeoff between the most important recruiting need, retaining employees and staying on top of everything that’s new.

PERKS was created to help improve workplace culture and are big believers in its importance as part of the so-called cultural turn that’s sweeping HR.

So, we’ve decided to help you out and pull out five key questions employees are asking themselves about their workplaces in 2019. How do you measure up?

      • Fit: Is this role, company and team a fit for my skills and goals?
      • Growth: Am I growing in the direction of my goals? Am I able to grow and learn here?
      • Lifestyle: How does this job fit into my lifestyle?
      • Connections: Do I have a positive connection with the people I work with and work for?
      • Tools: Do I have the things I need to be productive and successful here?


A recent study by Globoforce found that 47% of HR professionals cited employee retention and turnover as their top workforce management challenge this year, followed by recruitment, which 36% of HR professionals say was a major challenge. With recruitment and retention at the top of the list, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are adopting people-friendly HR strategies. People-focused HR is not just a nice-to-have: it’s a strategic necessity that echoes many of the challenges HR professionals face on a daily basis. Employees stuck in companies with more traditional HR practices are feeling more empowered to ask themselves if they truly feel happy, valued, and successful in their current position. Employees are more aware than ever of the benefits they’re missing out on. In this new age of people-focused HR, it’s necessary to understand how employees are reasoning in order to understand how to address their issues head-on before they decide to leave for a new opportunity.


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