Expert PERKS & Experience Consulting

The PERKS team has worked with companies of all sizes to help create, design, and refresh their employee experience with the right set of PERKS and experiences. It has been our singular focus since our inception in 2015. Taking into account budget, demographics, and lifestyle influences the team at PERKS has decades of experience designing better perks programs for your team (both virtual/dispersed and onsite) that tailor to multiple-generations and the overall goals for your group.

New Program Design – Staring at $10,000*

Creating a total experience for a quickly-growing growing organization can be overwhelming on top of purchasing health and core benefits for your team. PERKS can remove the burden and design an annual program for your team that takes into account the nature of your future growth, the unique culture of your team and allows you to create a holistic employee experience with a small or limited team. 

Program Review & Refresh – Starting at $5,000*

Considering adding some new benefits or expanding your program to include virtual perks? We can help. PERKS will complete a full audit of your employee programs and provide a renewed and refreshed program including your current beloved experiences. You can walk away feeling proud of supporting your team and let us do the work to make it happen. 

Feedback, Ideation & Renewal Support – $500/hour

Looking for a specific perk and not sure where to start? Looking for a recommendation or to support a corporate client with new ideas? We’re happy to bring our years of experience and hundreds of perk connections to help!

Product & Program Design – Starting at $5,000

Do you want to be a PERK? Many brands and products have a desire to enter the employer market in today’s world of innovative and employee-focused perks. However, creating a successful employer-focused product is not as easy as slapping ‘corporate’ on your solution, it requires important considerations for the HR and consultant relationships, implementation logistics and pricing for the employer budget cycle. The team at PERKS has worked with countless brands to help them improve their employer-focused offering or to launch a new product into the employer space.

Asymmetric Ideation™ Seminar – Starting at $3,000

Our founder, Alexa Baggio, is a multi-time entrepreneur who has perfected the method of product and behavior change innovation while mitigating risk. This method of thinking and testing ideas applies to working professionals of all types and creates a framework from which great upside in revenue and/or adoption can be discovered without huge downside risks. Alexa has taught this method to entrepreneurs, accelerators, human resource, and people professionals and others looking to increase innovation while reducing risk. Seminars are available both virtually and in-person (total attendee limits may apply).

*Program design or refresh does not include the cost of individual service providers or their services. Pricing does not include the cost of travel or associated expenses. Program design does include the setup and initial implementation of all services both virtually and onsite for the products/services in the plan design.