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  • October 24th

    1pm-5pm | This is an interactive showcase. Attendees are welcome to come any time during the event and are not required to stay for the entire event. Please come and go as you please and partake in what you'd like to experience! (All workshops are open to all attendees. Pre-registration is suggested.)

  • THE MAIN EVENT! This is an interactive showcase with dozens of Chicago's best PERKS available for your team and your employees. Free massages, manicures, workshops, treats, gifts, and tips are part of the PERKS Chicago experience. Come and go as you please and partake in the activities and experiences that you will enjoy. PERKS is about imaging what's possible for your team by partaking in these experiences and enjoying it!
    19 East 21 St Chicago IL 60616

  • Research supports that empathy is one of the most important features of a functional workforce. This 30-minute workshop will be a research-backed, highly actionable session on how to create and support empathy among your teams. (Available to all participants.)
    BusinesSolver Lounge - Main Area

  • In this 30-minute workshop, you'll learn how to identify the six signs of employee financial stress, the research that shows these signs and their impact and lastly how to you can calculate financial stress at your institution. Interactive and highly actionable, this is a great short-form workshop for anyone looking to tackle financial wellness for their team.
    BusinesSolver Lounge - Main Area

  • Hands on! Help to design and decorate dozens of shoes for Charity! Like a true TeamBonding experience, you can try this PERK yourself and get creative for a good cause. All shoes will be donated to the Long Way Home charity after the event. Ready, set, BEDAZZLE! (Event is limited to the first 50 participants.)
    BusinesSolver Lounge - Conference Area

  • Women are more and more of the workforce these days! Join us for this quick, fun, and useful workshop on makeup in the workplace. This class will teach you how to achieve quick but effective looks in a short period of time, reducing the stress of trying to look professional at the office- great for busy professionals and working women!
    BusinesSolver Lounge - Main Area

Additional PERKS Activities

Pre-register for these important topics with actionable and relevant takeaways! (You must have a PERKS Pass to pre-register. All activities are open to all attendees.)