But, I’m Not a Perk, Am I?

PERKS graphic explaining what a perk is

Reflecting on the many conversations with our perks, sponsors and partners, one of the most common concerns we’ve heard was, ‘but I’m not a perk!’ Think again. If your company offers anything for employers to offer to their employees, such as amenities, perks and services – you’re a perk. If you offer any product or service that enhances the employee experience outside of health insurance and mandated benefits provided by an employer – you’re a perk. The truth is that perks for employees by today’s standards are:

    • An important part of your employee experience
    • Expected
    • A supplement to your company mission

Perks are much more than our Google-ified understanding of them as nice-to-have extras, and are instead best understood as thoughtful tools that improve workplace productivity and employee retention. It’s important to remember that priorities have changed for many workers: of the three main generations (Boomers, Gen X, and Millenials) sharing the workforce, over 57% are looking for perks over salary according to a
Glassdoor survey. Perks matter because because maintaining a strong company culture is no longer a choice, it’s a strategic necessity. So, that leads us to what perks are not.

Perks are not:

    • Fluffy & intangible
    • Expensive
    • For entitled millennials
    • The ace in the hole
    • A substitute for a thoughtful employee experience
    • The only key to “culture”

Some examples of great, effective perks? For one, consider 
Gradifi, a student loan refinancing program. The solution is not necessarily expensive because it may only apply to a few people at your office. But it has the effect of telling your employees that you’re concerned about their financial wellbeing and that you’re there to support them. RocketLawyer, who helps businesses AND individuals, yes, even individual employees, get the legal advice and services they need to give them peace of mind. And of course, there’s also great perks like Leanbox, BumpBox and a wealth of on-demand fitness, massage and manicure perks.

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