exhibit @ perks


This application is for exhibitors only (not sponsors or partners). Please complete this application if you wish to exhibit at a future PERKS Convention and meet all of the following criteria. Approved applications will be notified via email and sent a link to complete payment.

Fit For Perks

Are you a fit for PERKS? * My PERK is not a traditional insurance or benefit product (health, dental, 401k, etc.).My PERK benefits employees directly.My PERK is 'accessibly' priced for most companies. In order to become a PERK you must meet all of the above criteria. Not sure? Shoot us a note, we're happy to help!

Basic Information

Which Cities are you applying to participate in? (Select All That Apply) Boston '20New York City '20San Fran '20Los Angeles '20Chicago '20Toronto '20 Are you interested in being listed in the 2020 Big Book of PERKS? Yes list me in the 2020 BBOP!No I don't want to be listed in the BBOP Exhibitor Primary Contact * Exhibitor Contact Email * Exhibitor Day-Of Contact Phone (Cell) * PERK Company Name * Company Website / URL * Company brief description Have you exhibited in Perks previously? YesNo

Program Details

The following fields are required to be considered for PERK. They help us to understand if your target customer is our target audience. Please provide as much information as possible as this will help us not only select you, but promote you! What size company can use your service? * Companies under 100 Employees100-500 Employees500-5,000 Employees5,000 - 10,000 Employees10,000+ EmployeesCompanies of any size Product Pricing Structure * Service Geography * Employer Setup Process * Current Corporate Clients * Company Logo * Please upload a jpeg or png logo file. If you are accepted, this file will be used in our marketing materials to promote your service. Booth Requirements * My booth does not require anything.My booth will require a power outlet. Requirements to Attend Vendors who qualify for approval and choose not to purchase a spot at our show will not be allowed entry to the exhibit hall or corresponding events. Security will be in place. Vendors who are not approved or do not fit the PERKS definition will be allowed to attend with ticket purchase. Please inquire if you have any questions before applying! Payment and Approval You will be notified and contacted after submitting your application. Application approval does not require your commitment. However, to reserve your booth payment in full is required. No refunds available. All sales are final. Upon approval, payment is also required to secure your booth. Payments can be made with a major debit or credit card. All sales are final. Refunds will be provided in the event of a show cancellation. I have read and understand the above Requirements & Payment terms