About us

PERKS is for people-people. At PERKS we build experiences and opportunities for professionals who focus on culture, employee experience, and people operations to flourish.

What Is Perks

Transform the way you think about work.

We believe great work experiences are possible and creating them is a matter of access to innovative services, peer support, thoughtful design and creative problem solving. Everybody works. Our mission is to transform the way you think about it.

Don’t let the name fool you, either. While PERKS can be things like on-site manicures and massages, we also focus on serious services like healthcare network optimization and direct deposit loan programs. PERKS works to pool experts and create content on lots of real-time issues for people professionals and we promise the following 3 things in all that we do:

Actionable Outcomes

At PERKS we don’t preach. We won’t talk at you, rather we’ll involve you in the conversation and allow you to decide what is right for your team. Everything we do focuses on outcomes that are relevant to you as a people pro.

Relevant & Researched Expertise

There’s a lot of ‘fluff’ in the world of culture and employee experience today. We promise to cover up-to-date issues and support all of our programs with subject-matter experts and thoughtfully researched actions and opinions.

Creative & Affordable Solutions

Every workforce has creative options available to it regardless of budget, hours, salaries or location. PERKS highlights and curates solutions that are ubiquitous and accessible for organizations of all types.

Who Is Perks

Founded by insiders.

PERKS is a growing tribe of operators and employee experience professionals with combined experience from the best brands in the world. Our online community and our events are supported by team of diverse professionals from our many locations, each of us with a personal story about how organizations can be improved.

Alexa Baggio


Alexa co-founded PERKS in 2014 out of a longing for a more thoughtful and modern solution to workplace improvement and the employee experience. Underwhelmed by the traditional outlets for benefit discovery and feeling a lackluster focus on the employee experience, PERKS and the PERKS Conventions were born to change the script for employees and employers alike.

Alexa previously served as the Vice President of Experience with 2020 On-site, an on-site vision care PERK she co-founded in 2014. While at 2020, Alexa co-founded PERKS and created the first PERKS Convention, an annual employee experience tradeshow, to create a platform and community for employers to find innovative, employee-centric services like 2020 and more… Through successful implementation of the conventions, PERKS has been able to grow their online and offline communities, expand the PERKS Conventions across the nation, and has begun to bring additional experiences and content to the ‘people people’ embedded in every organization.

Shea Coakley


Shea Coakley is co-founder and board member of Perks. Shea found his passion for changing office culture through his work as the founder and CEO of LeanBox and Grind Coffee, services that help enhance office food and beverage culture. Shea believes that happy employees = better employees and consults with a number of start up ventures focused on improving work environments across the US.

TEAM / GROUP PHOTO (Cred Kristen Renneker Photography)

Our Content

PERKS is a paradigm shift.

PERKS has and will continue to create helpful content in various forms that focuses on actionable and relevant solutions for your team. From e-books, to profiles, webinars and more... all PERKS content is created independently and reflects a curated and researched approach to the topic of employee experience.

PERKS Conventions are interactive showcases of the best and most innovative services available to employers, for their employees. These shows were created on the premise that great employee benefits and PERKS don’t create a culture, but they support it. So, we created an event to give our people operations and human resource enthusiasts the ability to find, experience and discuss those PERKS with their peers without hassle.

Our showcases are hands on, with the ability to experience all the services being showcased (massages, manicures, meditation, etc.) as well as additional classes and workshops that pertain to these services. We believe learning and doing is the best environment to create imaginative and thoughtful employee experiences. Everything is relevant to bringing the right experience to your team and each show is meant to be enjoyed by colleagues, teams and executives alike.

Our partners are chosen based on their expertise in their field and are recommended service providers and knowledge experts we encourage PERKS members to engage with and support.

Human Resource Certification Institute

The HR Certification Institute® (HRCI) provides the best certifications for HR and non-HR professionals through a suite of eight HRCI credential programs. These certifications are designed for all levels of experience and people management competencies for career and business advancement.


Every successful office has an office manager or professional who helps make it possible. OfficeNinjas focused on bringing content, networking and programming relevant to the office management and administrative professionals community to life.


BenefitPitch™ - An online marketplace that helps benefit professionals source and evaluate vendors who sell into the self-funded employer and benefits space. Brokers and benefits professionals in the PERKS community are eligible for a discount on access to BenefitPitch™.


Brokers can be an office's best friend. BenefitsAlly works to keep the brokerage community up to date on the latest and greatest benefits available for employers. With a nationwide network of brokers, BenefitsAlly, continues to bring new ideas and great content to the people community.

Additional Event Partners Include