Perks is for people-people.

At PERKS, we build experiences and opportunities for professionals who focus on culture, employee experience, and people operations to flourish.

Everybody works. Our mission is to transform the way you think about it.

We believe better work experiences are possible, and PERKS is solely dedicated to curating some of the most wide-ranging perks, services and amenities at our conventions and beyond. Don't let the name fool you and come see what we're all about. Our promise:

Actionable Outcomes

Everything we provide at PERKS focuses on outcomes that are relevant to people pros. Take away only what you need, and nothing you don't.

Relevant + Researched Expertise

At PERKS we cover up-to-date issues and support all of our programs with subject-matter experts and thoughtfully researched actions and opinions.

Creative + Affordable Solutions

PERKS highlights solutions that are ubiquitous and accessible for organizations of all types, regardless of budget, hours, salaries or location.

Founded by insiders
PERKS is a growing tribe of operators and employee experience professionals with combined experience from the best brands in the world. Need help with your employee experience or product design for employers? We're here to help.

Alexa Baggio

Founder & CEO

Alexa co-founded PERKS in 2014 out of a longing for a more thoughtful and modern solution to workplace improvement and the employee experience. Underwhelmed by the traditional outlets for benefit discovery and feeling a lackluster focus on the employee experience, PERKS and the PERKS Conventions were born to change the script for employees and employers alike.

Our shows
PERKS Conventions employee experience expos are designed to create highly-relevant, actionable and immersive experiences for professionals focused on people and those who serve them.
Our Partners
We believe that the best should produce the best, so we partner with organizations that are the best at what they do to bring you amazing options for your employees.
Our partners are chosen based on their expertise in their field
Our Event Partners