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PERKS is the premier discovery outlet for companies, facilities and teams to discover new services for their office. Be seen by hundreds of companies from all over the U.S. and spend quality time showcasing your product to an audience that really cares.

Last Year's Attendees Included...

2018 Vendor Application

If approved, please let us know if your booth has any special requirements. Express permission from the facility must be granted.
The best contact email for information about your booth and show details day of.
The best contact phone number (cell) for information about your booth and show details day of. This is super important!
In order to become a PERK you must meet both of the above criteria. Not sure? Shoot us a note, we're happy to help!


The following fields are required to be considered for PERK. They help us to understand if your target customer is our target audience. Please provide as much information as possible as this will help us not only select you, but promote you!
This helps us make sure you're seen by the companies that are the right size for you.
Please tell us a bit about the structure and general cost range for your service (i.e. Per employee per mo $, one-time cost per event, no cost to the employer, etc.). You must be accurate and detailed in your response to be considered.
Please indicate which cities and states your service is available in (i.e. Boston, Chicago, Nation-wide, New England only, etc.)
Please describe what an employer must do to schedule and setup your service as well as make it successful.
Please provide the names of at least 3 clients you currently service.
Please upload a jpeg or png logo file. If you are accepted, this file will be used in our marketing materials to promote your service.
*Special requirements for booths including rigging are organized and paid for by individual vendors. PERKS will supply contact information to secure these services. **Please inquire - any/all large objects must be approved for entry into the space prior to the show.


Vendors who choose not to purchase a spot at our show will not be allowed entry to the exhibit hall or corresponding events. Security will be in place. Vendors who are not approved or do not fit the PERKS definition will be allowed to attend with ticket purchase. Please inquire if you have any questions before applying!


No refunds available. All sales are final. Upon approval, you have 10 days from receipt of your invoice to complete payment and secure your booth. Refunds will be provided in the event of a show cancellation. We are not responsible for complications with venue staff or labor. If you require rigging, special setup labor or are bringing large items into the venue express permission must be given by the PERKS team and venue - please inquire in advance.